Saturday, February 13, 2010

TY's Birthday

I can hardly believe my baby is 2 years old already. He is such a sweet heart. This picture is my favorite with his tongue out. It take's a lot of concentration when your 2 to open big present.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the Ball Popper. It has been a hit for all of my boys. It's funny how you can never go wrong with ball toys and boys.
Ty loves balls! And if you could here him say "basitball." You would make him a basketball cake to just to hear him say it all day. Notice the black on his lips; yes he is 2 and took a taste before we cut the cake, the question is how many??
Our sweet messy boy who is so easy to love. His "MAMA" shouts and spitting when he doesn't get his way could stop anytime soon, but he will still let me snuggle him when he is tired. He gives the best squeezes, which are so much better then his normal hugs. We put him in his big boy bed last week, and it has been no big deal. He was by far the easiest to transition, hopefully it will be that way when he is ready for potty training. For some reason I doubt I'll have that much luck.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ALEC-O's Birthday

Alec's has been counting down for weeks to turn 4 years old. Birthdays take forever to arrive when your that age. Here is the arctic cake he wanted after reading the book "Arctic Waters" Unfortunately we couldn't find any seals and walruses to go on the iceberg in the middle, but he mainly just wanted to the whales.
We had Alec's cousins over for a little party. He loves playing with them, and wanted them over to help him break his whale pinnate.
Here is the pinnate Alec has talked about having for his birthday since Christmas. He is just a candy-aholic, and looks for any opportunity to get treats. We had fun all taking a whack at it, but it never broke. Someone finally knocked it off the string, so we dumped the candy out.
The camera ended up being a hit for this birthday. We looked at getting him a kid camera since he is always taking my phone to take pictures of his toys. After reading bad reviews and checking prices, we decide to buy a used one off Craig's List. If it breaks then it was fun while it lasted, and we didn't spend a lot for it. A week later and it is still intact. He has taken a lot of picture in the last few days along with the other boys, and so far so good.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Finally some pink in my house!!
We had our ultrasound last week, and our little 20 week old baby is doing great. And much to our surprise we are having a GIRL!! I'm sure you are as shocked as we are. Truthfully I didn't think we were capable of having a girl, but the doctor gives me a 95 % guarantee that it is in fact female. I told him that wasn't good enough, so next month he will do a quick ultrasound to check the gender again, and hopefully she won't have her legs crossed this time. This pregnancy has been like all the rest, so I was convinced it was a boy, and we already had a boy name ready to go. Thank goodness things don't always go as we plan, and miracles do happen. I would love to hear any of your favorite girl names that you don't plan on using yourself. (I know this isn't the best picture, but it was better than any of our ultrasound shots).