Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day of
Play Group
Alec started his first day of a play group Preschool today. It consists of 7 children all 2 years away from Kindergarten. Each Mom takes a turn teaching a day, and my first day will be next week. We'll see how it goes. Alec is so excited he could hardly stand waiting. He had his back pack on way in advance so I had to get his picture.
Ty of course would not be left out. As soon as he saw Alec with a backpack, he then proceeded to pull the small kid coat rack on himself trying to get a backpack. I found a little bag that could fit on his shoulders and he was so excited. As soon as Alec's picture was over, Ty then took his spot and said "cheese." I couldn't resist taking the picture. The bag had to stay on during the drive to drop Alec off at preschool. Poor Ty really thought he was going to, and he cried the entire way home. His little whimpers didn't stop until he finally fell asleep for his nap. For a kid who is short on words, he sure knows what is going on.