Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relocating Again!!

We have moved once again, but are finally settled. Thanks to our friends, Drostan and Jen, we have a large home to rent that is affordable for a three month lease (yes we will be relocating again in 3 months). You are all going to want to rent it after we leave. It is a double wide manufactured home, and we like to call it the swimming pool house. Not to many homes have green/blue carpet with swirls and is over 2,000 sqare feet. The wall paper is gorgeous, let me know if any of you want it when we are through. After all, how many rentals can your kids have room to ride their bikes indoors. Luke's internship is going great, and he is learning a lot. He is a little stressed trying to find a job and get ready for boards, but there is an end it site which makes it tolerable.
We are going back in time however, and will have no internet for the next three months. Here is our quick update. Feel free to call anytime.