Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ben's Baptism

Ben's Baptism was such a great experience. I don't know that I was fully prepared for how strong the spirit was. It was a really neat experience both for Ben and us as parents. We had lots of family support for this event, which was a fun surprise. I can hardly believe that Ben is old enough to take this step, but it was fun to see him excited and ready for the event. He invited his school teacher who he really admires, so it was fun to have her share in this special moment. I love this picture of Luke and Ben in their suits. Ben looks so big and handsome, and seeing the boys I love looking so sharp and can't even begin to understand how blessed I truly am.
England cousins dressed up for Easter Sunday.
Megan was glad to have one other girl to get dressed up with. She basically got Violet ready for me. Two girls with no sisters.
Ben's Grandma (Luke's Mom) makes blankets for all of her grandkids when they get baptized. She is currently on a temple mission in Washington DC, but she still managed to get one done for Ben and all the cousins his age. She is amazing, and Ben loves his new blanket along with the rest of the crazy bunch at my house.

Easter Baskets!!

The Easter Bunny hides all the baskets on Easter morning, so we had lots of searching and smiles.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

We had a fun time coloring eggs this year with cousins. We learned that plastic containers that come with the kits are never a good idea. Lots of eggs, lots of fun!!
My sister and her family came to visit this Easter and to attend Ben's Baptism, we had a lot of fun.
Violet thought cracking/squeezing the eggs was just as fun as coloring them.
Trevin and Ben had fun making boats and sailor hats for their colored eggs, they were very creative.
We had an egg coloring contest, and everyone picked their favorite egg to enter. The babies were the judges, it was pretty fun.