Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We have been getting so much snow in Utah this year, and as you can see the boys are loving it.  Here is our fun little snow family, I'm the gorgeous one in the middle that Luke has his arms around.  
We are getting excited to have the baby soon--2 weeks left in counting!!  The boys have been so helpful getting everything ready.  They try everything out to make sure in will work for the baby, included the changing pads that they use to practice changing each others diapers.  Luckily the clothing stays on for pretending.  They assure me that they will be good helpers--we'll see!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The boys were so much fun at Christmas. As you can see everything seemed to revolve around cars!! We shared Christmas morning with my parents, my sister Kara, and Polly's family. It was fun to be home for Christmas.

This is Alec and my sister Kara that we are living with. She is really easy to live with and a sweetheart for sharing her home. The boys already ask where she is when she isn't around. I hope she doesn't get sick of us too fast.