Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

The Berry Ranch Pumpkin Picking and Hay Ride
Last night for family night, our little family went to a farm to pick our pumpkins for the season. The pumpkins in our garden failed miserably this year, so we had to go elsewhere. It was nice to be in the country though with a fun farm atmosphere. The pumpkin patch was huge, and had the biggest pumpkins I've seen in along time. Ty really loved the little petting zoo with the sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. However the animals were so dirty it was more of a looking zoo then a petting zoo. The smell brought back quick memories of growing up on a farm. There are somethings not missed, and other things I hate living without.
Here is Ben in one of the old tractors they had displayed.
The kids had to be able to carry the pumpkin they picked. It was difficult though to find one small enough for Alec to carry. We finally resorted to just being able to pick it up for a short time.
Ty spent more time climbing on pumpkins or laying on the ground from tripping on the vines, then he did standing. He loved the farm!! From animals to throwing hay, it was his perfect little place.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We just got back from a fun family vacation to Seattle. Two of Luke's good friends, Kevin & Shaun, live there and were kind enough to show us the sights. The children loved the ocean and anything to do with it. We now have a lovely bowl of sea shells. We spent some time at Pt. Defiance Zoo where the hight lights consisted of the amazing aquarium and the huge walruses. The Pike Place Market was a lot of fun. I loved the beautiful flower shops and the big city. The boys loved watching the sales men throw fish for customers. We then shared figs and a pomegranate from the market under the Space Needle. Riding the Ferry to Vashon Island was a fun new thing for the boys. While we were there we had a picnic, hunted for sea shells, and viewed the light house. The Seattle Temple was beautiful! Krissy gave us a fun scavenger hunt to do with the boys while we were there, and minus the rain it was worth the trip in itself. One of my favorite things about the trip was dining at the restaurant "Anthony's" on my birthday. There was babysitter for all the kids and the adults enjoyed a seafood meal overlooking the ocean. Thanks Shaun and Kevin or a great weekend. It was so fun hanging out with good friends. We now know that an 8 hour drive is very long, but due-able with the kids. Alec's funny line during the drive, "Ben you make me sad on the inside and angry on my face."