Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun

We have had a fun Halloween season!!!  My boys loved trick-or-treating around our little neighbor, and we had a good time watching their excitement.  Alec became quite the talker at each house, making sure he introduced everyone.
Alec-"Froggie", Ty-Spider, & Ben-Spiderman
We had a fun time carving pumpkins this year.  Ben will still have nothing to do with the insides of a pumpkin, but Alec, on the other hand, loved playing side the pumpkin goo.  We lined the pumpkins up when we were finished and had Ty crawl towards them as the judge--Alec was the winner.
Our two trees in the front yard gave us a lot of leaves to play in this fall.  We played in them almost everyday last week, and one day we had our fun cousins over to join the fun.
Even Ty loved playing in the leaves!!  Surprisingly enough he didn't mind when the boys surrounded him with leaves.  Our only problem was keeping the leaves on the ground and out of his mouth.  He is such a happy little guy!!