Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poor Ty!

You know your a good mother, and watching your kids closely when your one year old burns both palms of his hands.  Or should I say you know you have too many kids when something like this happens.  Poor Ty touched our charcoal grill when we were cooking at the park.  It didn't even cross my mind when I set him down to play.  He now gets both hands wrapped daily and we started covering his hand with socks when he eats so we can keep things clean.  
Poor baby!!


Luke's brother and family came to visit for the Easter weekend.  We enjoyed their tradition of following a string that led to your easter basket.  Easter morning the house was covered in string, and the the kids enjoyed the maze of fun with a fun basket at the end.
Ty was instantly a fan of Easter when he tasted the yummy treats!!
We had a family Easter egg hunt at the park, which the kids enjoyed.  Of course it was windy enough, and we got to fly kites as well.  We had a great picnic party.  It so fun to have family close enough to visit.

Alec at the Easter Egg Hunt!!
Easter Sunday!!  
Can you believe we got a picture with all eyes looking at the camera.  Ya, neither can we.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ben's Birthday

   Ben had a fun Birthday Party with his friends.  It was a wild, crazy bunch, but they had a really fun time.  Of course Ben is still really into cars, so we had a hot wheel party with a race track cake.  I can't believe he is already five and that he will soon be going to Kindergarten.  He has grown up a lot the past year, and is really a good little boy and a great big brother.
 We were glad when Ben's birthday finally arrived so we could stop counting down everyday.  (We've been counting since 43 days left).  He was truly so excited!!  Just a quick story: the Leapster was purchased on a great morning buster the day after Thanksgiving, since Ben already had planned out what he wanted for Christmas and his Birthday.  I have stored it away not thinking much about it.  When we opened it on Ben's birthday, it didn't work--Yikes.  We had the receipt, but it had been over 90 days.  Walmart no long carries the Leapster, only Leapster 2.  Luckily the manager was available and pretended like she hadn't seen the receipt and made the exchange.  Next time I'll open my purchases and make sure they work before  I store them for months.