Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Fun

Raking leaves is the one job I do not have to even ask the kids to do.  They are always more than happy to volunteer there services, and since we only have one rake they also use our big broom and snow shovel.  It is very entertaining to watch, we only had tears twice from someone getting hit from the equipment, all things considered I's day that was pretty good.
 Our happy little Lady Bug
 Our fierce Football Player
 Our courageous Fire Fighter
 Our clever Detective
 We had a lot of fun decorating pumpkins this year.  It's nice when your kids get old enough to do most of the dirty work.  Violet even wanted a piece of the action, and Ben did all his own carving this year-which he was very excited about.
 Someone "Booed" us this year and left crazy glasses for all the kids.  It was a very fitting gift for our household and the kids played with them a ton.  We'll have to bring those out every Halloween now.
Happy Halloween--Here are the crazies before going Trick or Treating.  I love watching my children get excited about life.